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Throw a drink in someone’s face

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Do you remember that time when your partner was dumb enough to kiss a random girl/guy while you were around? Ok, forget about that story. Think about some random person that harasses you in the bar. There are two ways to cope with that… be nice (preferably) and talk the guy/g’al away, or be a wild drama queen and create the most epic show that he/she will experience. If you are not that type of person, but still want to do it this as a prank… why not make a scene out of it with your friends. Take a glass and just throw the drink in your friend’s face when no one is expecting, of course you need to act cool about it (and your friend). That will most definitely get the attention of everyone. You can tell them that it was a joke of course and just continue having fun by wining the hearts of everyone at the bar. Take care when you are throwing THE DRINK, not the glass and make sure that the person will react in a somewhat acceptable way. Don’t just go throwing drinks at random people in bars! Remember to prepare your phone or camera so you can upload it to fortunenotes and mark the challenge as achieved 

7 years ago

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