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Visit Niagara falls

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Niagara falls lies on the borders of Canada and the US. Major cities around the national tourist attraction that you can visit on your way to the majestic waterfall are Toronto (Canada), Chicago (US). Once you arrive and depending on which side you are, you will experience something that will remain forever in your memories. The amount of water that drops from the waterfall is brutal to the rocks at the bottom. The endless stream growls somewhere into the base of the rock. The area is also beautiful at night as beautiful colored lights usually light it. There was a dare-davil not very long ago that attempted to walk over a string above the falls. His attempt was successful!

There is an amazing variety of wines that you can taste while experience the good side of the life in Niagara. Also there is a boat that takes visitors very close to the falling waters. Another attraction from the Canadian side is to walk behind the waterfall and see the water through a tunnel. Whatever you decide to do, feel free to share it with everyone! This will motivate others that are would like to add this adventure to their life goals. Add this to your wonderwall (bucketlist) of things that you want to achieve; you never know how life would surprise you in the future.

7 years ago

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