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Find a four leaf clover

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Everyone knows the superstition about the four-leaf clover that brings luck to the person who finds one. This fortunenote is challenging you to find one, and post an update. Let’s collect as many clover leafs as we can and hopefully this will bring more luck to each one of us, and to the network of achievers as a whole. Once you find one take a picture, put it on your wonderwall for good luck and mark it as achieved. In order to find one you must look for a patch of clovers (obviously). Here is something that is really interesting – the ratio between three and four leaf clover is about 1:10,000 so it isn’t very easy to find the right one. Just so you know the amount of extra leaves adds to the extra luck that you get. So far a gigantic 18-leaf clover holds the record. Can you imagine how lucky that charm is? So if you find a clover with more than 4 leaves, make sure to share them with everyone. It will motivate the rest of us and hopefully we, too, can find our own lucky clovers. Let the hunt begin.

7 years ago

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