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If you don’t know what twitter is, here is a quick summary – Twitter is a social platform that offers users the feature to send short messages called tweets. These tweets are strictly 150 characters. You get people to follow you, and you start following people too. Once you tweet something everyone that is in your network can see it, but not only that, the keywords (referred to as hash tags) that you use can be searched and people that you don’t know can read your short messages.
Now that you know what twitter is, you can focus on the actual challenge. At twitter there is a featured called retweet. What this means is that everyone that likes your tweet can copy/paste it from their account. Kind of referencing you with a click of a button because you are a smart person who tweets cool stuff. People retweet their friends’ tweets all the time, but the challenge here is to find someone who is really important to you and ask him to retweet your message. Why not send him this fortunenote too. Make a list of people that are famous, and try to get their attention. Include them in your tweet by using the “@” symbol. Remember that in order to privately message others you need to be friends with them.

7 years ago

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