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A great achievement to add to your wonderwall is to visit Japan - probably one of the most ancient cultures! It has a lot to offer in terms of traditions and historical places. On the other hand Japan has a modern high-tech and design face that pushes these fields forward on an international scale.
From great memorials and architecture through Japanese art and into the weirdest TV shows you can imagine - Japan offers incredible experiences. It is not only the contemporary that catches the eye in Japan. Japan, known as the land of the rising sun (their flag is a red sun) is well known cultural hub in East Asia. A great challenge is to spend a night in one of the temples in Japan. This will surely take your spirits to a higher state of awareness. Another thing to consider is to rent traditional accommodation. The interiors of Japanese houses are unique to the culture. Anything from bonsai trees to fen shui – you have it. You can rent such traditional houses (called Minshukus) between $10,000-$100,000. In every way old-fashioned housing is the best way to go because everyone knows what a good ol’ hostel looks like. Be different – see Japan from a different perspective by adding a trip to the land of the rising sun to your bucketlist.

7 years ago

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