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Old Bulgarian Cinema

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I just saw two more movies.

The nicest person that I know (1973) (not sure about the title's translation).
A great movie which tells the story of a couple that moves to a new city. The woman is a teacher but to her surprise she is appointed to teach adults in a "technical school" (night school for factory workers). The story perfectly portrays the lifestyle of blue-collar men at that time.

The last bachelor (1974)
The last bachelor tells the love story of an old bachelor, who falls is love with a young lady. The differences in their class is the main concern for the family, which tries to break their relationship and a possible marriage.

I enjoyed the first one more than the last bachelor. Still, they are both great movies.

7 years ago

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Wohoooooo!!!! It seems like the main character in the "Where are you going?" has something like an old-school wonderwall at home. How cool is that :)) Totally wasn't expecting to see that in a move that I decided to checkout randomly :)

8 years ago

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I'll start with a couple of movies that feature one of the greatest, if not the greatest bulgarian actor - Todor Kolev.

There are subtitles if you hit the CC button.

1. Sir for a day

The movie tells the story of a farmer with a huge family. He seems to be unlucky, or shall I say his personality is such that he puts himself in all sorts of awkward situations which lead him to a life of disappointment and constant failure at everything that he does. Will life teach him a lesson? Watch the movie and see for yourself.

8 years ago

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The second movie in the series is called

Where are you going?

A comedy from 1985 and tells the story of a teacher who hooks up with the school's librarian. That doesn't go well so he hits the road with his old car. He ends up in a village where he meets a guy with whom a journey to find an old treasure begins. This journey will take our characters on a very interesting adventure and will question their friendship.

The movie was screened at 1986 Cannes Film Festival.

Sadly couldn't find subtitles.

8 years ago

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Recently Bulgarian cinema has gone through a renaissance of blood and gore, which I personally dislike.

Movies are usually a representation of the current situation in a country, or at least, the mindset of its society. This same situation fuels the inspiration of movie producers on a national scale. As a result, a body of work is what remains as reference to what the art/cultural movements has been at that particular period. In that sense most of Bulgaria’s modern movies are related to the mafia, underground plots, cheap lines and cheesy love affairs. Most of what used to teach about social values and the intricate details of life has been lost to commercialized entertainment. There are very few modern movies that are worth my time and for that reason I would like to dedicate this fortunenote to that “golden era” of Bulgarian cinema. I’ll try to filter the narrowness of the present and broaden the view towards the past.

I've discovered that many of these old movies are available on YouTube. Some of them do have subtitles, which makes it possible for everyone to discover Bulgaria’s culture from a different perspective.

Enjoy the following mashup of classic Bulgarian movies. Grab the note if you want to create your own collection of favorite movies or challenge someone on the network. I’ll be happy to read your suggestions in the comments section to the right.

8 years ago

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