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Donate things to charity

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I was very happy to find this fortunenote in the ideas bank.
Last year I participated to an initiative called "Christmas in shoebox". This is a project where people can prepare a Christmas present for a homeless child. The presents are simply packed in shoe boxes and every year go to different country. You can participate with as many cartons you wish and can choose your present by your own. The only think you need to do is indicating the gender and age scale to make your present usefull.
And remember, charity should not only be connected with big initiatives and projects, as sometimes the small things matter more :-)

7 years ago

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I bet you have some useless things locked in your closet! I bet that you wouldn't need them anytime soon. So why don't you pack them up and take t hem to your local charity shop. There are many organizations who could sell your unwanted stuff and earn money to support research!
Donate = supporting research = supporting everyone including yourself. Think about it and share which charities you support!

8 years ago

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