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Temporary tattoo (female)

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This awesomeness is mainly for girls, so if you are male , suggest it to your female friends and get them to post their results over at fortunenotes.

You’ve heard about hanna (a temporary tattoo). So the challenge here is to find an amazing tattoo artist who is working with the medium and get your hands and/or legs or even the whole body (depends of the level of bravery) tattooed. Of course you wouldn’t be staying at home with this artwork on yourself, so consider posting some photos showing off how you’ve achieved the suggested fortunenote.

The wonderwall will keep your achievement so you could remember the experience later on.

Of course if you are a brave hearted guy who is willing to take the challenge and post some bad ass hanna tattoos we will be more than happy to see and comment upon your accomplishment!

8 years ago

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