Fortunenotes' quotes collection vol.1

Fortunenotes' quotes collection vol.1

Category: Interviews

This is the first compilation of original motivational quotes that we wanted to share with you. ☺ Our brains will be working hard to come up with more inspiration that will motivate everyone here at Fortunenotes.

“Look upon yourself from another person’s perspective. You will meet someone new.”

“Falling to the ground is preferred than falling one level below it.”

“Dreaming and action should be one word, just like failure”

“Everyone is rich in their own way but some sell themselves cheap”

“Solutions and problems are like magnets. If they repel, you are facing the wrong side.”

“Seeing is very different than observing. Spend more time with the later.”

“No one would watch the Olympics if there was no competition.”

“Don’t be afraid to hang upside down from a pull-up bar. Sometimes it is the only way to see things properly.”