Spiritual doesn’t mean starvation but success

Spiritual doesn’t mean starvation but success

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Have you met one of those spiritual people who are against everything that relates to money and materialism? Do you know someone who is like that? If yes, send them this article once you read it!

Money – good versus evil and the void between the two.

Funny thing – most of the money come from trees, literally. Their smell is nice when they are new, and when they are old everyone respects them equally. As if the faces printed on them communicate with people all over the world on a daily basis. At a more general thought – monies are like servants. They serve the purpose of extending a great deal of our emotions into the world around us. In the same way that our bodies extend our character, money is a tool of expression. They are also the way to measure value in a somewhat unified way. Would you hate on the “kilogram” or the “mile”? Not really because you are used to accepting these units indifferently. Why do we hate on money then?

Lets get back to the notion of good and evil. Why would we consider money as something evil? Is it because we’ve seen people that use them for immoral purposes? Is it because effort is required to earn money? Jealousy? Greed?

Well it doesn’t really matter because money is us! Consider them as part of who we are and the way that we portray ourselves before others. When we open our wallets, we see tools that help us achieve our bravest dreams. We use them to share our energy and to express our unique character made out of strong emotional feelings. We laugh and cry with money, we share our love using money, we succeed and fail with money, we heal our bodies with money, hence we must respect this tool that exists in our lives. To respect money means to give them a chance to improve us, to forbid them to destroy our existence. For this reason over attaching ourselves to money is equally bad to attaching ourselves to anything material. We need to accept them as something that brings out the real in us, something that gives us the green light to make a difference in the world. If money is a tool, people need to realize that everyone has the same tools at hand. Yes, quantity matters, but the instrument is the same. If one does not like money, or does not accept them, then they will be bound to fight a pointless war that will lead to exhaustion and despair.

It is fair to say that the attitude that people have towards this extension of their character is what defines good and evil. If money were evil why isn’t everyone burning huge piles of them on the streets? Probably it is because money is the easiest and most flexible system that adds measurable value to the material world around us.

Be responsible with whatever you have and always remember that money is an extension of their owner’s unique personality.