Career goals and the relationship to happiness

Career goals and the relationship to happiness

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The big trick of coping with your job is to accept the fact that every profession is boring at some point in time. On one hand you have the extremely monotonous chores of the daily grind but on the other there are situations that make you happy and satisfied. Think about a situation where you have a different job. Would you be satisfied with it? Is there a perfect job?

So, what can we do in order to like our jobs on a daily basis?

The first step of achieving success at the workplace is to divide the benefits into two groups - financial and non-financial. Realize that the later one will bring you the first one, not the other way around.

Once you are comfortable with the fact that you are going to work for the non-financial benefit, you can take the next step – turning yourself into THE BOSS.

In order to excel at your workplace you need to be the employee with the smile that shines all over the place. Key to achieving this is to be above everything. If you let yourself down the business will crush you and your happiness will be gone. Feeling above everything is a zen experience – in your mind you must be on top of the office’s food chain – above your colleagues, above your boss, above everyone - even if you are just a janitor.

You may ask – How does that make me successful? The answer is very simple – control. If you are able to control your feelings you will be open to situations, but more importantly, you will be able to handle your job with confidence that everyone will respect.

Is there someone that pisses you off all the time? Be above them even if it is your boss. Act friendly, as if you are their boss who wants to satisfy a frustrated employee. Realize that good leaders keep their best employees by making sure that they are satisfied and well taken care of.

If you are in the sales business - call the customer that yelled at you the other day. Ask them if they feel better and if there is anything that you can do for them. Show attention to their problems and needs, after all you are the person who tries to provide them with a service or product that will ease their troubles. Chances are that they felt awful after discussing a silly problem which usually takes a couple of minutes to sort out.

A person’s great character is revealed only when proper communication and attitude towards others is present.

Bear in mind that there is one very important detail about this technique. There is a huge bold line between being “above things” and being ignorant to people. The last is dangerous and usually ends up bad for everyone. Being above things means to be generous and open to people. Friendliness and responsibility should be your fundamental skills that enlighten your character with confidence that inspire security and trustworthiness. These skills are noticeable and people will definitely give you credit for. Always remember (keep this at the back of your head) – your goal is to win the workplace for the non-financial benefits that will ultimately lead to a promotion or higher sales. Motivate yourself on a daily basis and measure how this technique will benefit your career development. Don’t be a stiff employee that stands in the corner or someone who doesn’t take other’s advice about anything. The worst is to have a gigantic ego that frightens everyone and shatters your chances of success at the workplace.

Change the reason for going to work – always go for the non-financial benefits. If that is impossible just open the papers and look for something new. Always remember that there isn’t a thing that will satisfy you all the time.