Motivational technique - The call

Motivational technique - The call

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This motivational technique’s aim is to remind you of something that has been stolen from us due to the technological advancements in recent years – the simple, yet effective way to communicated using our voices. In this fast paced world technology has changed the meaning of communication and relationships. It is fair to believe that social media has given a lot, but also has opened a wide social gap between people. Back in the day we used to shout underneath the window of our friends to let them know that we want to meet them, now a photo update is enough to feed us with information.

This inspired our team at fortunenote to test a plan where we call people on a daily basis for a month.

Rules were simple – we had to call a different friend everyday for a month. We wanted to observe how they will react to our call and how that will affect our lifestyle design and our (real life) social rating. We didn’t have a script; we just scrolled through the contacts in our phones and picked a person that we haven’t heard for a while.

It is important to respect the privacy of the person at the other end. Ask if they are busy. Do not start complaining or faking your interest – they will feel it right away. Be natural and call only the people that you are comfortable with. If it seems hard in the beginning try calling relatives and very close friends. Once you get the hang of it start calling distant people that you can’t even remember and make them feel special. This will ultimately lead to your PR rating going up. You can also expect more social interest online.

Try not to focus your efforts on that cute boy/girl or that business owner who could become your client once again. Be friendly and spare the expectations. It wouldn’t be long before you start getting more and more of people’s attention. This will ultimately improve your lifestyle.

Remember - let others come to you because of who you are.

If you are walking around, poking people with your business card, chances are that you will frustrate them more than if you started a friendly chat. A distant friend is always closer than someone that you’ve just met. Be cool and cool they will be with you.

Consider this exercise for about 21days (at least). Record your experience and measure its effect over time. Try to think about your achievement at the end of the month. Create a simple report and analyze the situation. If it has helped you with anything tell your friends about this technique so they too can call you.

Such exercises are interesting because with time our real-life social network tends to shrink. In the end of the day there is nothing better than the good ‘ol handshake that bonds people together.

Don’t be surprised if you start receiving a lot of calls and invitations to all sorts of events. Consider this motivational technique as a powerful social tool that will motivate you and inspire others to connect with people at a deeper, more personal, level.