7 motivational techniques to survive the busy week

7 motivational techniques to survive the busy week

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Monday seems to be the toughest day of the week! Fear not because it is a piece of cake once you are on the right track! In order to build up motivation to survive Monday’s block one has to prepare from the day before (Sunday). It helps to lie in bed and build a general map of the week ahead. On Monday wake up a tad earlier in order to recall the plan from last night. Structure everything in your head and briefly think about a reward that you can enjoy at the end of the week. You will run through the week in no time.

Tuesday is on fire! You’ve lined up a pile of work on your desk and the weekend seems too far away. Get yourself motivated by writing the 8+ key points that you have to overcome throughout the day (at least 1 key point per hour). Write them down on a piece of paper and cross them out one-by-one for each accomplishment. At the end of the day, when everything is done, set the paper on fire and enjoy the moment by releasing all the tension. (Put out the flames safely)

Well, what do you know – mid week is here! There isn’t really a lot to celebrate at this moment but it is important to focus on a team building activity that will get you through. Gather your colleagues and ask everyone to tell their favorite joke. You might turn this idea into a regular office stand-up comedy that happens over the lunch break. This will break boundaries and will get the positive vibe rolling. It is important to connect with people mid week so that you can be more flexible if something comes up for the weekend.

Thursday is the day when you have to think about the weekend for the first time. Over the lunch break sit alone with a pen and paper and write down the ideas that could surprise your family, partner or kids over the weekend. Prepare your mind to enjoy some quality time in a great atmosphere around the people that are closest to your heart.

This is the day when you should nail the positive attitude. Wake up and straighten up, dress for success and try to make an extra impression. Why? You shouldn’t leave your colleagues with a negative impression on Friday, especially your boss! It will make a lot of difference if everybody remembered how effortlessly you did everything in the office. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your boss with a bad impression before the weekend, ever!

You have to inhale a large volume of air that will blow the candles for everyone’s surprise from Thursday. Don’t think about it too much, your idea is supposed to be simple, fun and effective - its impact will definitely put a smile on everyone’s faces. Exhale the tension and enjoy the moment with your beloved ones.

Resolution time. After the intense start of the week, the impressive surprise, and the positive attitude that you’ve managed to pull off, it is time to sit back and contemplate on the outcomes. Measuring the effect of your actions is what is important in this exercise. Think about the things that you did over the week and discover how you’ve magically touched everyone’s emotions. This will motivate you while becoming a good example to people around you.

Once you get to pace with this plan you will start noticing (on Sunday) patterns and specific things that people enjoy seeing in you. This will help you design a calm environment that improves your workflow and organizes your priorities. The goal at the end of the day is to make everyone happy.

Prepare for next week ☺