Stop discrimination based on musical preference #respectMusic

Stop discrimination based on musical preference #respectMusic

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Would you stop calling your best friend because he started listening to weird music in collage?

Would you swear at a stranger because he or she wears a Lady Gaga t-shirt?

If you think that discrimination and bullying based on musical preference (online and offline) has to stop, consider joining Fortunenote’s campaign by replying to discriminative online comments with the hash tag #respectMusic or by pasting a link to this article.

The inspiration for this campaign became a story that was told to us by a very strange, yet interesting, old man that we met on a trip to Europe.

A few years ago I met a very successful man. He had everything because of his talent – he was a bestselling author. Despite being famous he was humble as an angel and generous towards everyone who was willing to put effort towards achieving success. His fan base grew on a daily basis with the thousands and he used his following to organize charitable events in support of a wide range of causes. He was also the beneficiary of an annual award, which supported young talents throughout their education at a leading musical academy in the US. He was a huge fan of music and every time he held an event, he invited different musicians that were able to deliver ultimate entertainment, from a variety of genres, to his guests. Everyone respected the man for what he was yet no one ever doubted the sophistication of his musical taste. It was a mysterious topic that nobody questioned. One day a reporter interviewed the man for a major magazine. One of his questions was regarding people’s taste in music. The man answered humbly - We should respect everyone who tries to understand music, only then we will be able to respect ourselves.

If you believe that people should drop the ignorant attitude by showing more respect to each other’s musical preference – share this story and comment with a #respectMusic hash tag to discriminative comments or just to show your support for the cause.