Self Motivation Technique for success – “Continental”

Self Motivation Technique for success – “Continental”

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The other day, here at Fortunenotes, we came up with a concept that we named “The Continental Technique of Motivation”. It is a motivational concept that relates different aspects of our daily emotions to the 7 continents around the world. Use this technique to motivate yourself and to design your lifestyle in a fun way.

In its root the continental technique provides a structure upon which you can organize your success. This will help you manage your day so that your mind can focus on what is important at the moment.

There are 7 continents that relate to 7 emotional states that every person experiences throughout the day. Read the continents’ descriptions and picture the whole idea in your head. Then read the conclusion on how to use this concept.

1. Antarctica – Antarctica is a cold place that brings out the serenity and isolation in the person’s mind. It can take you on a personal development journey, or become a clinic for your darkest feelings. Consider Antarctica as a safe house where you can run away and scream as much as you want. You can cry your eyes out without embarrassing yourself, or you can just stay in contemplation and forget about the daily life. It is a place without family, friends, partners, customers - just you and the vast free space that has the power to focus your motivation into a beam of clear thought.

2. Europe – Europe is the so-called “museum of the world”. It is a warm place with all sorts of cultural activities. Everyone tends to respect Europe and its ancient authority. Consider Europe as the place that connects you with your past. Here you can appreciate the roots that grow into a family tree. Put all the events and goals related to your family in Europe. Keep them safe in ancient castles - away from public humiliation and damage to the moral.

3. Asia – Where the sun rises. Your day should start in Asia. It is the rising sun that shines upon you throughout the day. It will prepare your mind for the intensity of the day and feed power to your mind. Be strict and respectful to the mornings and the day will be good for you. The breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, too. Straighten up and whatever happens in the morning do it with Asian precision. This will pay off in the long run.

4. Australia – Freedom of the waves. There are times when we feel the urge to do something for someone that we appreciate. An experience that we want to share with others. An effortless surprise, an act of freedom against our closest people. In Australia you can stash all the adventures that could sting you with adventurous venom, the wild experiences that will remain with you forever. Visit Australia in your daily life to make people around you happy and to remind them of how courageous you are.

5. Africa – The sweat of success. Consider Africa as your entrepreneurial ground. The unexplored land that hides a treasure somewhere between the dunes of its endless deserts. The toughness of the environment that beats your efforts while tempting you with mirages. Success that hides behind the “next dune” until ultimate exhaustion reveals the answer that you seek. The desert will save you with its secret waters that feed life only to the few determined to explore.

6. South America – It is where we enjoy our lives. Where we forget about the daily chores and just flaw like music. As if a Latin dancer makes you forget about the existence of problems. A smile that wipes away the usual and turns it into a carnival of positive emotions. It is a colorful place where you can be whoever you want until dancing runs you out of breath.

7. North America – The Dream Machine. Imagine yourself as a steam machine owner. No one has such a machine! It is unique, crazy and it, supposedly, will secure your or your family’s future. Steam is screaming in every direction and you, as the operator who sits in a chair, hidden between hundreds of levers, is the only person who can operate this powerful monster. The only thing that turns the scary machine into a friendly beast is the confidence that you possess. Always remember that madness is one of the ingredients to achieve it all and to achieve it now.

How to use the Continental Technique? We’ve just given you free tickets to explore your personal world. Travel around on a daily basis. Don’t focus on the countries - enjoy the bigger picture. Start with a continent or two; or maybe try them all at once. See if you can manage to use them and create daily routine that will guide your lifestyle design strategy. Wake up in Asia, remember the North American Machine that you have to run with confidence. Never close your doors to the hidden treasures of the deserts. If you get frustrated run away to Antarctica to think about it all. Whatever you do, remember to support your closest friends and family by reminding them about the freedom of the Australian waves. They are the ones that can bring you back from Antarctica and they are the ones that will dance with you in Latin America. Keep them close to your heart because traveling is not a lonely experience.